Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer fun!

Finally the sun has appeared and with this, come all the wonderful things that characterize summer as we know and love. Ice cream, popsicles, lemonade stands, running through the sprinklers, going camping with my family each and every summer!

Mmmm ice cream...ok ok I know this has nothing to do with Shabby furniture but its about French culture...since we are all about all things French, I thought i could do a lesson in french ice cream. Real ice cream!

In France, a professional ice cream maker is called a "Glacier". This is no regular ice cream! This is not the one galon tub from Costco. This is more of an experience...something sumptuous...this ice cream is made by a Glacier that has been making ice cream since 1954. A few notable things about this type of ice cream... it is made fresh each day starting at 4:30 am, we are talking ingredients that come from the market close to their shop, no artificial coloring or stabilizers, the actual store closes for the summer...go is best eaten no more than the same day it is made. Oh...and the line ups go down the street about a block or so.

Berthillon, is a must if you plan to be in Paris anytime soon! We will see you in line!

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