Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer fun!

Finally the sun has appeared and with this, come all the wonderful things that characterize summer as we know and love. Ice cream, popsicles, lemonade stands, running through the sprinklers, going camping with my family each and every summer!

Mmmm ice cream...ok ok I know this has nothing to do with Shabby furniture but its about French culture...since we are all about all things French, I thought i could do a lesson in french ice cream. Real ice cream!

In France, a professional ice cream maker is called a "Glacier". This is no regular ice cream! This is not the one galon tub from Costco. This is more of an experience...something sumptuous...this ice cream is made by a Glacier that has been making ice cream since 1954. A few notable things about this type of ice cream... it is made fresh each day starting at 4:30 am, we are talking ingredients that come from the market close to their shop, no artificial coloring or stabilizers, the actual store closes for the summer...go is best eaten no more than the same day it is made. Oh...and the line ups go down the street about a block or so.

Berthillon, is a must if you plan to be in Paris anytime soon! We will see you in line!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who wants to see some Vintage Chicks pictures?

Anyone! Anyone! Who's awake out there! The rain is just killing me. Help, I'm dragging myself...need sun...can't keep my eyes open. Here maybe this will help, some pictures from last weekend's sale. Grab a latte, sit back and relax. Pretend the sun is shining on your face.

A handmade burlap and chicken wire tiara

Cuffs made with vintage lace from the Farm Chicks

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Farm Chicks Fever!

We're finally here!!!
Carolyn and Kelly ohhh the excitment. I'm surprised they aren't running to get in there!

The lovely Lynne Thune! Our most favorite shabby scrapbook teacher ever!
The fabulous Lori Wilson-Bunda of "The Scrapyard". She cracks us up!
My good friend Dawn! Now a Farm Chicks addict!
Happy Happy People!!! Hi Kelly! Hi Murray!
Oh my god we can't believe we are really here! Pinch me Kelly!!!

Two beauties, Carolyn and Barb! Look at those smiles!
Old springs
I'm breathless!
More talent
Love old globes

I know....some people think the doll heads are creepy, but I kind of like this one's little hat. Look how cute she long as she is not talking in the middle of the night!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Please come by to say hello at the Vintage Chicks show this weekend at the Priddis Community Hall. Friday, June 10 from 4pm-9pm and Saturday, June 11 from 9am to 5pm

See you all there!

Farm Chicks - Operation Recovery

A big thank you to dear friends Barb and Murray that helped us bring our treasures home in their trailer. Those of you thinking of going to Vintage Chicks! We've got treats for you!!!

This photo was taken at a neat vintage shop called Roost in Spokane.

Giant Scrabble pieces!

Farm Chicks! Love this piece! Look at the detail in the wood! Steam Punk anyone!

What a wonderful and exhilirating time we had at the Farm Chicks show this past weekend. It was sort of like a blood transfusion for our creative souls...aka Operation Recovery! The amount of creative energy the was present at the Farm Chicks was so overwhelming. Such an amazing columination and community to extremely creative stylists/artists in one venue is something that you have to experience in person. We definately recommend that you come along next year and live the experience of Farm Chicks!