Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We'd rather be in France...

So the studio isn't complete yet but I thought I would share some pictures of my wonderful trip to France. My family and I spent a week in the French Riveira and then a week in Paris. Everywhere I looked I wished Jenny and Carolyn were with me to soak up all the beauty that France has to offer, not to mention all the amazing shopping!

So many things to see at the Flea Market in Nice...

The French Everything Toile!

Do you think this will fit in my suitcase?

I would have liked to bring back this entire booth!

Most of the things at this booth were found in stores that had closed down and had been sitting around since the late 1800's! Amazing!

Perfect weather for my favorite pastime!

I could have used these for sure!

The Flea Markets weren't the only great places to shop!

This store was so pretty!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

What's Next?

We had such a great time creating and preparing for the Vintage Chicks Show that we were certain ,we wanted to continue with our new venture. So instead of waiting until next year, we will be holding our own shows in Kelly's newly renovated garage! We have been busy searching for the perfect pieces to add to our next show so stay tuned for more info on what we will be up to next!