Friday, July 8, 2011

Calling the best of the best Antique Shops!

Where are they? We need a list of the coolest, best antique or "unique finds" kinda shop for all over Canada and the US.

If you been to a neat know, the kind that when you walk into the store...

Your heart skips a beat, you quickly catch your breath...

You take a step into a plethora of visual bliss...

Gazing at all of the treasures the store carries.

First, you look at all things eye level; that takes about an hour. Then, the lower or ground level. Great shops always have goodies on the floor, hidden. This takes another hour. By this time, you thankfully pull out a bottle of water and a protein bar out of your purse...Why do you have this on hand, you may ask? Why...because... you're one smart cookie. You knew this shop needed a peruser with experience...with stamina to thoroughly look through the entire shop!

So! If you been to a shop like this...add it by adding a comment and I will compose a list and post it for everyone to share.

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  1. Ok So I don't have an antique store but love your blog!!!! Why haven't I been on here yet? Add to faves!