Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Farm Chicks - Operation Recovery

A big thank you to dear friends Barb and Murray that helped us bring our treasures home in their trailer. Those of you thinking of going to Vintage Chicks! We've got treats for you!!!

This photo was taken at a neat vintage shop called Roost in Spokane.

Giant Scrabble pieces!

Farm Chicks! Love this piece! Look at the detail in the wood! Steam Punk anyone!

What a wonderful and exhilirating time we had at the Farm Chicks show this past weekend. It was sort of like a blood transfusion for our creative souls...aka Operation Recovery! The amount of creative energy the was present at the Farm Chicks was so overwhelming. Such an amazing columination and community to extremely creative stylists/artists in one venue is something that you have to experience in person. We definately recommend that you come along next year and live the experience of Farm Chicks!

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