Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Farm Chicks Fever!

We're finally here!!!
Carolyn and Kelly ohhh the excitment. I'm surprised they aren't running to get in there!

The lovely Lynne Thune! Our most favorite shabby scrapbook teacher ever!
The fabulous Lori Wilson-Bunda of "The Scrapyard". She cracks us up!
My good friend Dawn! Now a Farm Chicks addict!
Happy Happy People!!! Hi Kelly! Hi Murray!
Oh my god we can't believe we are really here! Pinch me Kelly!!!

Two beauties, Carolyn and Barb! Look at those smiles!
Old springs
I'm breathless!
More talent
Love old globes

I know....some people think the doll heads are creepy, but I kind of like this one's little hat. Look how cute she is...as long as she is not talking in the middle of the night!


  1. Ooo... Looks so awesome!.. so many treasures!.. I HAVE to go check out Farm Chicks next year!.. Great job at Vintage Chicks this year ladies!.. You had so many beautiful things!.. I can't stop thinking about the Betty Bird scrapbook!..

  2. Yes, the Betty Birdscrapbook. Someone bought it...now others can read about her life!
    Thanks for the comment!