Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who is this amazing artist!

Belles Pantoufles is the french word for Pretty Slippers. Artist, Carolyn of Everything Toile, creates these paper and vintage lace slippers that are so lux and ornate, they have to be presented on nothing other than a silver platter! You can use these slippers as tags, as inspiration on your bulletin board or with a gift bag for your next get together!

More about us and who we are and what we love!

At 8am, it was a hot day in Arizona, the sun already beaming through the palm trees. My girlfriends and I were driving along and had to make a quick turn. We couldn't believe our we set our eyes on a sign that read, "Estate Sale Today". What a way to start our trip! As we approached the house, it was already was bustling with people! My heart started to pound. Did we miss a really good sale! I hate it when that happens! Once we entered the house, we literally had to hold on to everything we wanted or an onlooker would instantly nab it. It was quite competitive. There were old wooden shoe forms with vintage broaches, pillars, paintings, dishes, huge intricately carved chairs and then I found this stunning piece.

All about Everything Toile

This is a picture that we took for our application to the Vintage Chicks show coming up in Priddis on June 13 and 14, 2010. We were so excited to learn about the upcoming show! We look forward to meeting all of you out there, who share the same passion for "vintaging"! Check out The Vintage Chicks blog at